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Welcome back to school celebration


Welcome back to school celebration On Wednesday, Oct 6th, 2021, the Faculty of Education of Tishk International University arranged a Welcome Back to School ceremony. The ceremony started with a speech delivered by Dr. Suleyman Celik, Dean of Faculty of Education, and was followed by an award and recognition celebration. Top students of each department of the faculty of the last academic year 2020-2021 were rewarded and applauded for their significant achievement and hard work. On behalf of the TIU, we would like to congratulate the students and wish them great success in their academic journey ahead. Also, we welcome all [...]

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National Workshop on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching 2021


The ELT Department of the Faculty of Education of TIU organized a workshop entitled “National Workshop on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching 2021”. The workshop will be held in the Education Building on  Monday 20th of September, 2021, at 9:30 A.M. The workshop aims to reveal the current challenges in language learning and teaching, and to discover solutions to the existing difficulties by providing EFL teachers opportunities where they share their experiences. You are all welcomed to join us. You can register for the certificate until 18/09/2021. If you do the registration during the workshop, the certificate will be ready to [...]

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Education Football Tournament – 2021


The Faculty of Education of Tishk International University organized a Football Tournament which began on the 16th of December and ended on the 11th of February. 64 students from all grades and departments of the Education Faculty participated in the tournament, forming eight teams in total. On the 11th of February, 2021 the final match was played between Mathematics Students and Biology students at 16:00 PM. The championship was won by students of the Mathematics Department. Both teams demonstrated a thrilling performance against each other, and students watching the final showed great interest in the game. Dr. Sulayman Celik, Dean [...]

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8th National Young Researchers Conference (NAYREC)


The 8th National Young Researchers Conference (NAYREC) organized by the students of the Education Faculty, was held on May 19th, 2021, at Tishk International University. This conference has been held annually for the past 8 years and has yielded a great outcome each time. All preparations were carried out by the students of the Faculty of Engineering, including the organization, coordination, and evaluation of the abstract paper for each project to be presented. The event was directed by the conference chair, Dr. Süleyman Çelik, co-chair, Ms. Slvar Abdulazeez, and the conference secretary, Ms. Nuha Nawshirwan. Throughout the years, NAYREC has provided [...]

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VESAL conference program


We would like to inform you that the VESAL program is now ready. Please click on the link below to access the VESAL conference program. The sessions are hyperlinked with Zoom links so that you can present your presentation in the allocated time. You may simply tap/click on the title/name/hall number to join the sessions (for those who present/participate online). Moderators will assist you throughout the event and you will be provided with technical procedures.

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Better Future through Education: prospective and policy symposium 2021


Dr. Abdurrahman A. Wahab Lecturer in ELT Department of Education Faculty will be speaking (in Kurdish) at a symposium held online at Soran University. Date: Monday (10-05-2021) Time: (9:00-11:00)

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Implications of Democratic Education for Teacher Education Programs


Implications of Democratic Education for Teacher Education Programs International Conference on Education and Teaching Implications of Democratic Education for Teacher Education Programs Formal education in Kurdistan Region needs urgent attention. The urgency for reform has been even more so since the VOID-19 pandemic disturbed the regular order of things. As a result, a new opportunity has surfaced to initiate reform in the fundamentals of education, especially in teaching. For the most part, democratic education in Kurdistan Region has been given minimum attention. Part of this inattention has been the result of a minimalist understanding of democracy and a technical approach to [...]

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“The Pedagogical Approach of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” was organized by the Dean of Students and Department of Education (TIU) in Hall 301, on November 25th, 2020. Three different subject matters were explained and elaborated on by: 1. Evie Farida – Prophetic problem-solving. 2. Sultan Begum – Educational Advice of the Prophet Muhammmad (PBUH). 3. Dr. Zeyneb Yalman – Research benefits of using Miswak. The workshop was productive and fruitful. Participants expressed their excitement and enjoyment and portrayed their eagerness through their participation. They further highlighted the importance these types of the educational workshops, and requested through their feedback [...]


Welcoming New Staff Members


The Faculty of Education (TIU) have welcomed the new staff members of TIU on October 26th, 2020. A small event was held to greet the staff and make them feel accepted and welcome in our university. All staff who attended could grab lunch together and discuss and share various ideas about the new academic year plan.We wish them a successful and happy academic year.

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ELT department Master Defence


The first and second-year students of the Education Faculty, ELT Department have presented their thesis to the scientific committee.On July 23rd, 2020, Kanar Zirak Haseeb Chicho presented her thesis- The Effects of Embedded Learning on Students’ performance in EFL Classes at Foundation Year in College of Education at TIshk International University. The members of the committee were Prof. Dr. Hoshang Farooq Jawad, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kawa Abdulkareem Sherwani and Dr. Suleyman Celik. The student’s supervisor was Asst. Prof. Dr Lania Abdurazaq Dabbagh. The defense session was held at the Education Building Room No. 302, where she presented her thesis in [...]

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