Welcome to the Education Faculty of Tishk International University, Iraq

As dean of Faculty of Education, I am pleased to welcome prospective students and other website visitors including fellow researchers, policy leaders, community members, and loyal alums

The Faculty of Education at Tishk International University has been serving the society since 2008 when the University founded.

the Faculty of Education offers a variety of courses along with an education mindset which we consider a key tool for the development of society.

The most comprehensive education in the field of education and humanities is therefore offered. We are both professional and experienced with talented lecturers who are dedicated and passionate about research and teaching. Indeed, the Education Faculty has enjoyed phenomenal growth in terms of people, programs, facilities, and research over the past few years and continues to be the Faculty of choice in Iraq and indeed in the region. Our philosophy is to fulfill the requirements of education so that we attain our students to the rank of true humanity and become a beneficial element of society. Based on this philosophy, a more ethical and moral pedagogical approach has been applied, in which educators act as role models for students to follow at the Faculty of Education. We also aim to form individuals with a strong inner universal values, which can guide society toward the correct use of scientific discoveries.

At the same time we do not simply reduce to the transmission of notions from a teacher to his pupil. Instead, we contribute to shape the student’s personality. Indeed our goal of education is to built student’s character by enabling him to interiorize qualities of self-discipline, tolerance and sense of mission as well as a guiding educator. Therefore committing to both education of other people and activism in society, our graduates will shape other individuals’ inner ethics and will definitively transform society into a more developed community.

We invite you to explore the variety of paths to begin or further one’s education, training, and research through the Faculty of Education.