Undertaking a Metamorphic Expedition: Scholars Investigate Jordan via the DAAD Initiative

An illuminating experience transpired when students from Tishk International University, along with a staff member from the Computer Education and Computer Engineering Departments, undertook an experiential visit to Jordan as participants of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) initiative. The period spanning from November 5th to November 13th witnessed a beneficial journey that embraced a diverse range of activities surpassing mere exploration. This trip served as a very important learning experience.

This collaborative endeavour demonstrated the interdisciplinary collaboration among students from the Computer Education and Computer Engineering Departments, along with the active participation of students from the IT Department. The educational journey was enhanced by the combination of various skill sets and perspectives. Throughout the journey, the students deeply experienced the rich and complex tapestry of Jordanian culture, as they visited historically important cities and vibrant locations that represent the true nature and character of the region. Petra and Amman are cities that possess a diverse range of historical importance, cultural legacy, and contemporary progress.

The expedition aimed to provide an immersive educational experience, enabling a deeper understanding of intercultural interactions, technological advancements, and the blending of traditional and modern elements. The participants cultivated a global mindset by immersing themselves in a comprehensive learning environment that encompassed stimulating discussions, practical activities, and cross-cultural interactions.