Education Football Tournament 2022-2023

The Faculty of Education at Tishk International University organized a football tournament from February 13th, 2023, to February 22nd, 2023. Six teams consisting of 54 students from all grades and departments of the education faculty participated in the tournament, and all teams demonstrated great friendship and fair play.

On February 22nd, 2023, the final match was held at 15:30 between the physics and biology students. Both teams showed thrilling performances against each other, but the biology students emerged as the champion team. Many students watched the final and showed high interest in the game, and Dr. Pishtiwan Akram, Head of Physics Education Department, Mr. Harmand Ali, Head of Biology Education Department, and almost all academic staff from all departments enjoyed the game and the camaraderie between the students of both teams. At the end, medals and cups were awarded to the first and second teams.

Top Scorer:
Omer Mohammed – Biology 3rd grade student

Best Player:
Anas Hazim – Physics 2nd grade student

Best Goalkeeper:
Ihsan Kala – Biology 3rd grade student