Table Tennis Tournament of the Faculty of Education

Extracurricular activities add a lot of fun and excitement to academic learning. The table tennis tournament is one of the enjoyable activities hosted by Tishk International University. This academic year, 2022–2023, the Faculty of Education’s dean of student representatives organized a tournament for all of its students. 18 faculty students from various departments competed against one another. Bryar Laiq, a third-grade student from the Computer Education Department, took first place, and Danyar Ali, a fourth-grade student from the Biology Education Department, took second. Apart from the students who have shown a strong interest in the game, Mr. Sivar Aziz dean of student’s representative for the faculty of education, Mr. Harmand Ali, head of the biology education department, and Mr. Muhammed Anwar, head of the computer education department, as well as nearly all academic staff from all departments, have enjoyed the game. Medals and cups were awarded to the first and second place finishers.