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Name Position Education Email Office Number
Suleyman CELIK Dean of Faculty of education PhD [email protected] EB 234
Venera Ulker Head of ELT Department PhD [email protected] EB 230
Unal Ulker Lecturer PhD [email protected] EB 239
Adem Dashkan Assistant Lecturer MA [email protected] EB 239
Ghadeer Mashni Assistant lecturer PhD c. [email protected] EB 246
Reman Sabah Instructor MA [email protected] EB 225
Hiwa Fuad Instructor MA [email protected] EB 225
Kanar Zirak Assistant Lecturer MA [email protected] EB 226
Sami Hussein Assistant lecturer PhD c. [email protected] EB 225
Fatima Saadi Assistant Lecturer MA [email protected] EB 226
Mustafa Altun Lecturer PhD [email protected] EB 221
Ahmed Ariwan Research Assistant BA [email protected] EB 206
Abdulrahman Wahab Lecturer PhD [email protected] EB 227
Karwan Kareem Assistant lecturer PhD c. [email protected] EB 227
Sharon Cherop Instructor MBA [email protected] EB 246
Orhan Tug Head of Mathematics Education Department PhD [email protected] EB 235
Mowafaq Muhammed Professor PhD [email protected] EB 245
Salisu Ibrahim Lecturer PhD [email protected] EB 220
Abdulnasir Isah Lecturer PhD [email protected] EB 220
David Wafula Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] EB 245
Aziza kavlu Lecturer PhD [email protected] EB 243
Maria Kawa Research Assistant MSc [email protected] EB 211
Cj Jaf Research Assistant MSc [email protected] EB 206
Soran Kayfi Head of Biology Department  MSc [email protected] EB 241
Evie Farida Assistant lecturer PhD c. [email protected] EB 243
Sabir Wasman Lecture PhD [email protected] EB 223
Mahmoud Dogara Lecture PhD [email protected] EB 223
Harmand Ali Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] EB 201
Gasheen Bakhtiyar Research Assistant BA [email protected] EB 246
Nuha nawshirwan Research Assistant BA [email protected] EB 211
Yad Sirwan Research Assistant BA [email protected] EB 206
Semih Aydin Head of Physics Education Department PhD [email protected] EB 237
Mudhaffer Mustafa Professor PhD [email protected] EB 238
Muhammad Hisham Lecturer PhD [email protected] EB 221
Slvar Abdulazeez Assistant Lecturer MSc [email protected] EB 246
Sivar Aziz Research Assistant MSc [email protected] EB 201
Sebur Salih Research Assistant BA [email protected] EB 206
Payam Najmadden Research Assistant BA [email protected] Office Number
Zainab Saleh Admin Assistant BA [email protected] EB 234
Sakar Hassan Admin Assistant Education [email protected] EB 240