National Workshop: New Approaches to Improve Teaching Quality of University Level Mathematics

On 14th October 2021, the Department of Mathematics Education organized a national workshop under the theme, “New Approaches to Improve Teaching Quality of University Level Mathematics”. The workshop was opened by Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad Salahuddin Ahmad, President of Tishk International University, and addressed by the Dean of Faculty of Education, Dr. Suleyman Celik.

The keynote speakers addressed the workshop’s main objectives, which were to diagnose problems, difficulties, hindrances, and unexpected pop-up problematic issues that lecturers encounter in the process of instructing students and brainstorm possible solutions, and to further discuss and suggest possible roles the department can play in mitigating such disruptions. Some of the notable diagnosed issues included students’ lack of motivation, the adoption of a student-centered learning approach without a thought-out implementation plan, and a general overhaul of the education system without considering traditional methods. The lack of collaboration between mathematicians and educationists was also pointed out as a major setback in advancing mathematics education in the region.

The speakers suggested several mitigating measures for the above problems, notable among them being academic intervention, mixed-methods approach in delivering content, differentiated learning, and regular class observations. Self-directed learning was emphasized as key best practice in learning, especially when done in conjunction with peer tutoring where students learn through students.

A clear link between theory and real-life application was highlighted as another key for better understanding and as a motivator for students. As it is believed that teaching methods go hand in hand with motivation, instructors are suggested to apply special instructional methods to boost student confidence. Intrinsic motivation was touted as a key player in the success of a student’s academic achievements.

The workshop achieved the presence of 70 participants in total, including 40 members attending online. The closing remarks were delivered by Dr. Orhan Tug, Head of the Department of Mathematics Education.