Cambridge International Schools Visits Faculty of Education

Tishk International University welcomed Cambridge International Schools delegates Ms. Denise Armstrong, Ms. Gulkhan Othman, and Mr. Hadi Mikael at the Faculty of Education on January 15th January 2023, to discuss the possible collaboration opportunities and some concerns about future educators.

The meeting started with a welcome speech given by Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, Vice-President of TIU. Ms. Denise Armstrong, and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Education at TIU, also delivered opening speeches. Each department of the Faculty of Education made a brief introduction about their capacity, curriculum, pedagogy, and general structure of the departments after presenting the TIU promotion video.

Discussion Points:

  • There are opportunities at TIU, such as novel education, established technology, international recognition, IRO, and scholarship at some faculties.
  • Internship and employment opportunities at CESK.
  • The expectations of CESK regarding the content, pedagogical and professional knowledge of future educators
  • Possible memorandum of understanding (MoU) between TIU and CESK, including being a sponsor for our event at TIU, organising a scientific fair at CESK, creating a unique salary scale for TIU graduates, internship opportunities for future teachers, etc.

Additional items noted for further collaboration:

  • The internship procedure at CESK and the candidate selection system will be sent to TIU. The primary purpose of them is to hire students after the internship program.
  • TIU will rework the English proficiency of the graduates
  • As a course revision, TIU will recheck the curriculum and the application of classroom management and teaching methods courses, especially lesson planning items.
  • CESK requested to conduct several advanced lab experiments at TIU.

The meeting ended after presenting gifts to CESK delegates, and a short tour of the Faculty of Education building was conducted to exhibit the teaching atmosphere at the faculty.