(National →NUR 2.7)/ (International →NUR 2.8)


(National →NUR 2.7)/ (International →NUR 2.8)


(National →NUR 2.7) /(International →NUR 2.8)

Students Debate : DA 2 Social Activity : DA 8 Joint Project: (NUR 3.5 a) /International
Academic Trip : DA 3 Exhibition : DA 4 Academic Competition : DA 6
Social Trip : DA 7 Training Course* : (NUR 1.5) / Others: DA 9
Community – University partnership projects: (NUR 6.3)


* The training course should not be less than 3 weeks, not less than 24 hour in total.


Date of the Activity Type of the Activity (Code) Brief Description about the Activity Venue of the Activity Staff


Sponsor Participants Target Audience Done P

Not Done O

December DA 9 Charity Activities Outside Mr. Sami Hussien

Mr. Reman Sabah

Department All Grades 200
At Different time by Staff and Guests (NUR 2.7) Professional development workshops for staff Classrooms Dr. Semih Aydin

Dr. Aziza

Department Lecturers General
21st November 2020  (NUR 2.7) Orientation Days Classroom Mr. Reman Sabah

Ms. Kanar

Mr. Hiwa

Department First Grade.
December DA 8 Mother Breakfast for 1st Graders Staff Dining Room Ms. Fatima Department 1st Grade 60
Early February starts, Final April. DA 6 Debate Competition Conference Area Dr. Aram Sabr


Department All Grades 100
January DA 7 Snow Trip Outside Dr. Mustafa

Dr. Aziza

Department All Grade Students 50
January-December DA 4 Poster Presentation Days Conference Area Dr. Venera Department All Grades 100
March-April 2021 DA7 Picnic For Girls & Boys Outside Mr. Reman

Mr. Sami

Ms. Kanar

Department All Grade Students 60
29th April 2021 (NUR 2.7) National Student Conference Conference Area Mr. Sami

Mr. Hiwa

Department All grades 100
November, 2020 DA9 Alumni Reunion University Green Area Mr. Hiwa

Mr. Reman

Department Alumni 50
November, 2020 DA3 Field Trip Outside Ms. Kanar

Dr. Mustafa

Department All grades 70
Once a year DA 6 ELT Reading Circle Education faculty building Ms. Kanar

Ms. Fatima

Department Students 100
Once or twice in a year (NUR 2.8) Online conferences Online Dr. Venara

Dr. Ghadeer

Department Students 25
One month after 1st semester. DA 8 Football Tournament

Table tennis tournament

The Football Pitch Mr. Hiwa Fuad Department Al Grade Boys 30
Once or twice in a year DA 4 Art Exhibition  Education faculty building  Dr. Unal Department  All grades 25
Year Long (NUR 2.7) Kurdistan Students Talks Dentistry Hall Mr. Reman

Mr. Sami

Department Students and Staff. Public 200
Year Long (NUR 3.5 a) Refugee Camps teaching Camps Mr. Reman Department Students 150


April 3th-4th (NUR 2.8) VESAL Conference Conference Area ELT Staff Department  Public 150


Weekly on Tuesdays (NUR 1.5) Training course for 4th grades Classrooms Dr. Altun

Dr. Unal

Department 4th Grade 40
Year Long DA 8 Movie Club Classrooms Mr. Hiwa

Ms. Kanar

Department All Grades 40
Twice or three in a year (NUR 2.7) National Workshops Education faculty building Dr. Venera Department Staff. Public 100 +
Once or twice in a year DA 3 Academic Trip Local Universities Ms. Kanar

Mr. Reman

Department Students 50
Once or twice in a year (NUR 6.3) Webinar Online Mr. Reman

Mr. Sami

Department Staff 25


Head of Department

Dr.Venera Ulker

Dean of Faculty

Dr. Suleyman Celik